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Mold Design and Manufacturing

We design as well as fabricate precision single and multi-cavity injection mold tooling for producing parts made from plastic or rubber. With over four decades of experience, designing a variety of injection molds such as cam-action molds and core-pull molds is not a problem for us. Our design team can work with your existing tooling designs and receive prints in IGES, STEP, DWG, DXF, in addition to other formats. We also perform mold flow analysis to ensure that designs are optimized for the injection molding process.

Our fully equipped tool room includes two sinker EDM machines, a CNC wire EDM machine, and CNC milling machines. These machines allow us to produce molds or tooling from materials such as S7 steel and P-20 ...

Injection Molding Services

Our injection molding services handle over 150 thermoplastic formulations, including ABS, polypropylene, polystyrene, and TPE. We provide both insert molding and overmolding services. With nine injection molding machines having tonnages that range from 40 to 245 tons, we can produce parts weighing up to 20 ounces. Production volumes of about 100 million parts can be handled by us. To assist molding operations, our facility is equipped with the necessary auxiliary equipment such as mold heaters, grinders, and material dryers. Our molding equipment feature microprocessor controls to ensure consistent production quality.

While in-house capabilities allow us to design and fabricate the required tooling, we can also work ...

Plastic and Rubber Part Design Services

We offer personalized services for designing injection molded parts produced from plastic and rubber. Our experienced team offers a number of design services, including part analysis and troubleshooting. Your part geometry is optimized to prevent any defect such as sinking, void creation, and warping, during the injection molding process.

Our engineers’ extensive knowledge of injection molding operations allows us to assist you in material selection as well as choosing the best molding method for your application. Expert tooling knowledge ensures a design that provides optimal moldability. Software such as ProEngineer allows us to receive files in both 2D as well as 3D forms. We work with hand drawn part designs as well.

Plastic and Rubber Prototype Molding

Anka Tool and Die specializes in rapid prototyping, sampling, and short run injection molding jobs. An array of injection molding equipment with tonnages ranging from 40 to 245 tons allows us to produce parts up to 20 ounces in weight. Extensive auxiliary equipment such as mold heaters, grinders, and material dryers further support these services. Consistent quality is ensured in all our parts as the injection molding machines are precisely controlled through microprocessors.

Parts can be produced from over 150 thermoplastic formulations such as TPE, polyamide, polycarbonate, and ABS. In addition to insert molding and overmolding, secondary operations such as ultrasonic welding, heat staking, and hot stamping are also ...

Plastic and Rubber Mold Repair and Transfer

Anka operates an extensive tooling and injection molding facility for repair and refurbishment of existing molds or tools. We can identify the defects in your mold and re-machine it to exact specifications. Supporting this process is our complete range of CNC milling and turning machines, in addition to EDM equipment. Tools manufactured from a range of materials, including S7 steel and P-20 pre-hardened steel, can be refurbished as well.

We can run the repaired molds in our injection molding facility for producing parts. Your existing injection molds can also be run in our injection molding equipment. These mold transfer services are supported by our nine injection molding equipment with tonnages ranging from 40 to 245 ...

CNC Machining Services

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